Mover & Shaker: Chesca

Movers & Shakers are members of the Needless Pounds community who are doing great things and who deserve to be recognized for it. Not all weight loss stories are “Before” and “After.” Whether they’re just getting going, well on their way, or in maintenance mode, Movers & Shakers provide motivation and inspiration to all of us looking at making positive weight-related changes in our lives.  

Meet Chesca

NP:  Tell me about yourself.

C:  I am Chesca, a Neonatologist (baby ICU doctor) in Little Rock, AR.  I like reading, traveling, spending time with friends and family.  I enjoy horses and would like to start riding again.

NP:  What are your weight-related goals?

C:  I would love to reach my weight goal and maintain it. I’m about 20 pounds away.  In the past, I have lost weight (not as much as this time) and have gained it back because I thought of being on a diet and could not wait to come off the diet. I have now realized that it is a journey, a lifestyle change- still working on getting used to my new lifestyle.

NP:  How long were you at your previous size/weight and what factors in your life contributed to that?

C:  I can’t remember when I was not chubby or big although my family says I was a small child.  Multiple factors contributed to my weight problem.  I do not like exercise and never planned what to eat.  I just ate whatever I wanted.  Also, I eat to celebrate, to cope when sad or overwhelmed or for whatever reason.

NP:  What made you decide to change things?

C:  I woke up on my 36th birthday and realized I am closer to 40 than to 30. That made me think it was time to make some changes before my weight started affecting my health.  I have been very lucky as I have not developed complications of obesity, such as diabetes, hypertension, etc. I certainty don’t want any of those medical issues.

NP:  What diet/nutrition/exercise programs have you tried in the past? What are you currently doing that’s working?

C:  I’ve tried all sorts of weird diets and some more structured plans.  Weight watchers was a good program; I just didn’t stick with it after a while.

NP:  How do you stay motivated to do what it takes each and every day to reach your goals?

C:  I got rid of all my “fat clothes” and got some cute new things.  I refuse to buy a bigger size so if I gain weight I’ll have to walk around wearing trash bags!

NP:  Who are your champions/supporters/cheerleaders?

C:  My family, friends and co-workers.  It feels great when people who have not seen me for a while comment on how good I look.

NP:  Looking at your previous attempts to change, how is this time different?

C:  I have stuck with this program much longer than others.  Also, I keep going in to weigh in, even if there is no class.  The people in my maintenance class are an inspiration.

NP:  What has been the hardest part for you on your journey so far?

C:  Chocolate- if it was up to me I would have chocolate with each meal.  Going out and eating healthy.  It’s not so easy to make good choices when at a restaurant.  Exercising consistently, as well.

NP:  Do you have any advice for others?

C:  You can do this!!! And even though it is hard, it is worth it.  Tell your family and friends that you are trying to make a change, that way they will not tempt you and they can be supportive.

If you have a bad day / week – Do not give up! I struggle with this; try again at the next meal.

Reward yourself with non-food things: manicure / good book / clothes / shoes, whatever you like.

Put a picture of your “former self” on your refrigerator / pantry.  It will motivate you!

NP:  Is there a recent achievement that you’re particularly proud of?

C:  Wearing size 6 jeans!!

Way to Go, Chesca!

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