“dont know what to do for lunch”

One of my Facebook friends posted this on his wall, asking input from his community of friends for input on what to eat for lunch. I know that he has been interested in, but unsuccessful at, losing weight. I also know that I had written a blog post about how to plan a lunch for weight loss. When I looked back at my post of nearly 700 words, I realized that sending him a link to the post wouldn’t provide the hands-on advice that he would need.  Frustrated with starting and restarting this blog post many times, I just put it down in a video.

It’s hard to give someone simple advice to get on track with healthy meal planning and preparation.  Maybe we should come up with a simple set of meal plans based on a small starter pantry of healthy items.  Has this been done?  Would it be reinventing the wheel?

What’s the simplest healthy meal you can think of for a true beginner to pull off?

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