Smucker’s Sugar-Free Peach Preserves

I love sugar-free preserves.  They’re 5-10 calories per tablespoon, and they’re often a good source of fiber.  You can get a sweet bump for your breakfast toast without paying a lot in terms of calories.  Polaner makes a great line of sugar-free, fiber-rich preserves, which I’ve already written about.  I’ve been sampling my way around the other offerings, and it’s rare that I find something better than Polaner.  When I tasted Smucker’s Sugar-Free Peach Preserves, I had one of those knee-buckling food experiences.

Smucker's Sugar-Free Peach Preserves

What can I say other than, “Wow!”  Sweet, fresh, and 10 calories per serving!  I also love that these preserves come in a glass bottle that’s reusable for storing, portioning, and gifting other foods.

What’s your favorite brand and flavor of preserves?

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