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“This all came together so suddenly.”  If you’ve been with me on this journey for long, you know that I have excess skin that I need to have removed.  I’ve been saving for a Belt Lipectomy, which costs $15,000.  Over 20 generous readers have contributed nearly $400 total toward this surgery fund, and I am grateful.  I’m not to $15,000 yet, but I do have enough to cover “Phase 1,” which is abdominoplasty — a “Tummy Tuck.”

I got an email from the dean of my college late last week letting me know that a course that I was scheduled to teach this summer has to be reassigned to an instructor with more seniority.  This would normally be a very uncomfortable message for a dean to deliver, but it turned out to be key to enabling me to have surgery sooner rather than later.

By removing this summer course from my calendar, I now have a month of unallocated time that I can use for recovery from surgery.  It was also last week that my surgery savings account balance grew large enough for me to afford Phase 1.  At my initial consultation with the surgeon, he provided me with several options.  One was to have all of the procedures done at once.  Other varieties broke the procedures down into phases.  With a month of free time available, some savings in the bank, and the strong desire to have this done, I picked up the phone.

“Is there any chance you could work me in?”  This is a question you might ask for an oil change or a hair appointment.  It’s a little bit more complicated when scheduling surgery.  Anesthesiologists, surgery centers, lab work, and other things have to be addressed.  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies need to be identified and corrected for optimal healing.  “Responsible adults” need to be available for assistance before, during, and following surgery.  So many things have come together in such a short time.  They all have.  Provided my lab work doesn’t reveal any snags, I’ll be going in for surgery this Wednesday.

“Is this going to turn into a surgery blog?”  No.  Needless Pounds is “One man’s weight loss journey.”  It just so happens that my journey is taking another trip through the operating room.  I shared my experience with gallbladder surgery.  This is just another experience.  I’ve lost over 250 pounds.  Most of you have less than half that much to lose.  Many of you have less than 10 percent of that to lose.  Loose skin may never be a problem for you.  It is for me, and surgery is the solution.

“Isn’t this a little sudden?”  I’ve been anticipating this surgery for over a year.  It just so happens that some pieces of the puzzle fell into place suddenly to allow me to have Phase 1 sooner rather than later.  I’ve visited with two cosmetic surgeons, both of whom told me that I was an excellent candidate for abdominoplasty and/or belt lipectomy surgery.  I’ve researched the procedures extensively, watched them performed on YouTube, and talked to patients who have had the surgeries.  I didn’t make this decision lightly.

“You’ll never be perfect.  Why waste your money?”  I’m not going for perfection here.  I have a reasonable expectation of the outcome of this surgery.  I never plan to model for Abercrombie and Fitch.  I just want to be able to sit in an office chair without skin bunching up in my lap.

I’ve tried to answer some questions that you might have.  I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions you actually have.  Just post those questions in the comments section below.  My final meeting with the doctor before the surgery is Tuesday morning.  If you have any questions that you’d like me to ask him during our final meeting, make sure to get those in by tonight.

So Excited.

2 thoughts on “Surgery Scheduled

  1. linda says:

    You go for it Daniel- you will be so much more comfortable without all that excess skin. And perhaps it will also be just the motivation you need to keep losing the rest of weight you want to lose. Something let everything line up so you could do it, perhaps it is a motivational message from up high!

  2. Neville Sarkari says:

    Good luck.

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