Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Scale

After reading about my “home invasion” (George Carlin would roll over in his grave), several folks stepped forward and offered to help me replace some of the items that were taken.  Katie from You Brew My Tea introduced me to the folks who represent Ozeri products.  While a lot of people would panic being without a television or a vacuum cleaner, my most urgent need was a kitchen scale. Having lost over 250 pounds through nutrition and exercise, I put considerable thought into the foods that I choose to eat, and I work very hard to maintain both accuracy and precision in my portioning.  Without my kitchen scale, I am lost.  I have difficulty with peanut butter, bulk yogurt, and anything that doesn’t fit into a measuring cup cleanly like fresh berries or pasta.  Having a kitchen scale back in my home has made eating “right” so much easier again.

Ozeri Touch II Professional Scale

Out of the box, the Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale looks like an Android tablet, almost too sleek to set something on.  Its smooth lines, glass surface, and slim profile are at home beside expensive stand mixers and fancy infrared cooktops.  I have neither of those.  I do have one of the most advanced kitchen scales I’ve ever used, though.  It has touch sensors that you simply put your finger on to activate, rather than press.  It has an invisible coating that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, making clean-up a snap.  Best of all, it’s flat enough to go in my utensil drawer when not in use — no rearrangement needed.

Ozeri Touch II Professional Scale in Drawer

You know how you can give a kid the coolest toy in the world and sometimes they just want to play with the box?  As I was looking through the documentation that came with the Ozeri Touch II scale, I noticed something thicker than the typical instruction manual and warranty sheet; It was a booklet with nutrition and portioning information for hundreds of foods.  This, to me, was one of the most valuable “extras” I’ve ever seen included with a kitchen product, hands down. 

Ozeri Calorie Guide

Looking to portion a 60 calorie serving of strawberries?  The chart says that fresh strawberries are 0.32 Calories per gram.  That works out to 187 grams in a 60 calorie serving.  Simple!  You can weigh those strawberries one of several ways.  If you’re adding strawberries to a dish you already have started, you can place that dish on the scale, zero it out using the tare button, and add strawberries until it reads 187 g.  You can also put the container of strawberries on the scale, hit tare, and remove strawberries until the scale displays -187 g.  Weighing “up” or “back,” it’s very straightforward to get just the right amount.

Not into the metric system?  It’s great for accuracy, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.  When I weigh lean protein like cooked chicken breast or root vegetables like carrots, I’m after a 3 ounce serving.  The Ozeri Professional II can measure pounds, ounces, grams, fluid ounces, and ml.  It will even convert between the units.  Need to add 28 grams of something to your 3 ounces of something else?  No problem!  Touch — you don’t even have to press — the unit button to switch into the right mode, tare, and weigh away.

Being so concerned with replacing my kitchen scale, I was a little confused by the inclusion of a booklet including postage rates.  After thinking about it for a minute, it dawned on me that the scale would be perfect for those weighing items for shipping, too, and having USPS rates in a booklet would be as handy to shippers and sellers as having a calorie guide is to me.

In short, this scale is perfect for me!  It is simple to use, impressively accurate, gorgeous, fits in my tool drawer, and came with a booklet that is much easier to use than looking up calorie counts using my iPhone.  All that AND a germ-zapping coating that won’t wash off?  Yes!  If I could think of a single negative thing to say about this scale, it’s that if you press the buttons too hard when there’s nothing on the scale, the back flips up.  It’s less a flaw and more of a learning curve.  You don’t have to “push” at all.  Like a smart phone or tablet, you simply place your finger to the screen to activate the unit and tare/power buttons.

I’m so thankful to Katie for putting me in touch with Ozeri and that they were willing to send this scale to me!  Check all the kitchen products by Ozeri on Facebook.  

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