I’m Still Here

Last night, a group of 10 friends joined me for dinner at Starving Artist Cafe.  A weekly radio show called Tales From The South is recorded there.  I was asked to read my story about bullying to a group of over 100 audience members.  Once the podcast is produced, I’ll share a link to it with you.  One question I was asked after returning to my table was, “So, is needlesspounds over with?”  I was shocked by the question.  “No!  Why?”  “Because you haven’t updated it in a long time.”


I’m Still Here!

From a weight loss perspective, I’ve been in a holding pattern until cleared by my surgeon to return to the gym.  That clearance came just last week.  There has been nothing to report.  From a cooking and recipes perspective, I’ve been eating meals prepared others, some of which I’ve posted to Facebook, so nothing really to report there, either.  I’ve just been here.

Some people think teachers shift into neutral in the summer during “vacation.”  For me, summer is one of my busiest seasons!  This summer I interacted with over 100 middle school and high school students in academic summer camps at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock as either classroom teacher or camp chaperone.


Baseball games, a submarine tour, museum visits, shopping trips, and even some academic work rounded out the camps.  At last year’s camp, I made the statement, “See those kids roller skating?  If I’m where I want to be next summer, I’ll get out there and roller skate.”  Little did I know that I would be.  True to my word, I skated — all night long.  I didn’t fall, and I outlasted most of the campers.


When I wasn’t looking out for my students, I was looking out for my own dietary needs.  In communicating and coordinating carefully with the university dining services, I was able to have healthy options made available to me at most meals.  I very much enjoyed meeting UALR’s executive chef, whom I hope to feature in an upcoming post.

In addition to living, teaching, and camping, I’ve also been fully engaged in my education consulting work.  Providing support to schools implementing Google Applications for Education and other technologies, I help teachers learn to better leverage technologies in the classroom and IT people better provision  the services to enable  educators to do their thing in the most secure yet unencumbered ways possible.

Finally, this has been a time of change.  I accepted a position at a new school district teaching a new program which I helped shape.  I see where I’d like this program to go, and I know that I can get it there.  I just don’t know how, exactly.  Making a career move can be exhausting, but I’m certain I made the right choice.

I’m still here.  I’ve been really busy, but I haven’t forgotten about y’all!  Please don’t forget about me 🙂

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. linda says:

    I’ve missed reading your post but understand that it is hard to keep up with all you are doing, much less do a post every day. Enjoy your new endeavors and don’t worry- we all understand that sometimes living gets in the way of posting. Things will quiet down and we hope to hear from you periodically online. Life is short- live it to the fullest now that you are able to do it! See you soon in a post. Have a happy summer.

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