I <3 My Electric Kettle

I spent a week visiting my “Fairy Godmother” last Christmas and New Year’s, and I fell in love with her electric kettle.  In about a minute it can boil water for tea.  I ordered one on Amazon before I even returned home, and I’ve been using it ever since francepharmacie.fr.

Electric KettleLately I’ve been using it to boil water to make sugar-free Jello.  At only 5 calories per serving, it satiates my sweet tooth, and it’s so convenient to make with this kettle.

I saw a post the other day on LifeHacker about making perfect rice by toasting the rice and boiling the water separately.  Once I transition back to conventional foods, I know I’ll be using my kettle to make rice, too.

What kitchen gadget do you love?

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