The Struggle Is Real, Y’all

That was my best Paula Dean voice.

I’ve been back on the program since May 6th, and the closest I’ve come to straying from the plan has been eating more than my daily half-cup ration of salsa and eating sugar-free Jell-o as a food rather than an additive.  I’d say I’m doing pretty well.  It hasn’t been without temptation.

Cake Rose

There was an end of year luncheon at work yesterday. BBQ for 250 and two of the biggest cakes I’ve ever seen.  I have a thing for icing. The thick kind where the sugar and fat dissolve in your mouth.  You can read about my last icing incident here.  I didn’t eat any cake or BBQ.  I ate a meal replacement. 

Today the leftovers are in the teachers lounge. I have abstained, but SweetMotherOfGod would you look at that icing flower the size of my face?  I just want to lay down in it.  If I were alone with this thing, it would be history.  Since it’s in a public place, I have the support I need to let it go.

As I was walking into the lounge for another reason, I passed another teacher walking out who was literally muttering, “Nope.  Nope.  Nope.  Be good.  Be good.”

The struggle is REAL, y’all!


2 thoughts on “The Struggle Is Real, Y’all

  1. Samantha Tyeryar says:

    I know the feels. My dad made a chocolate cake and brought in chocolate icing. I won’t lie, in my 20 lb loss, I have taken a reward here and there but it is hard. My family has been very supportive and I know I can’t expect them to change their lives, but sometimes I just think “really?” I’m proud of you for staying strong and know I’m sending you good energy. <3

  2. Joan says:

    Wow, I am seriously impressed that you had your MR instead of cake. I probably would have eaten a healthy slice of cake, a corner slice please, as my meal. I especially love sweet buttercream icing. Good for you, and maybe I will learn from your good example.

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