To New Beginnings

Can we get there from here?

by Daniel Moix

Eighteen months is a long time.  It is also the blink of an eye.  I completed my Master of Science in Education in 18 months. Students on our accelerated degree plan at the college can get an Associate of Applied Science and a portfolio of Technical Certificates in the same amount of time.  Eighteen months has taken me from being a physiological ticking time bomb to a walking billboard for wellness.  In that same time, Needless Pounds was born.

To understand where Needless Pounds is going, it is helpful to know where it came from.  Not long after starting this journey, Betsy Day, the Program Director for the UAMS Program for Weight Loss and Metabolic Control asked several patients if they would be willing to contribute to a blog that the program was looking at creating.  I started the Needless Pounds blog as a prototype or proof-of-concept, and Betsy said, “This!  Just do this! This is awesome!”

From the beginning, The Needless Pounds Blog was distinctly identified as “One Man’s Weight Loss  Journey,” separate from the UAMS program.  I took deliberate steps to ensure that readers were clear on that.  Other than telling my story and providing motivation to others, there was no agenda.

One of the core values that I have identified within myself through sharing my story on the blog is that the why is just as, if not more important than, the how.  In recent months, I have been pondering the why of Needless Pounds, and I think I have it down to as few words as possible 

Needless Pounds is dedicated to helping real people reach their weight-related wellness goals by sharing resources that work.

So far, the resources have come in the form of information, motivation, support, and the creation of the Needless Pounds blog and reader community.  In the future, who knows what these resources may be?

Because this project has grown past the scope of “hobby,” and it looks like it may someday become a nonprofit organization, I have taken initial steps of starting Needless Pounds LLC.

“Needless Pounds LLC” now owns and operates “the Needless Pounds blog.”  Daniel Moix owns and operates “Needless Pounds LLC.”  This transition will allow “Needless Pounds LLC” to undertake other ventures to generate seed money to help realize the objective stated above.

Needless Pounds is still one man’s weight loss journey, but this one man is now trying to find new ways to help others along on their journeys, too.


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