The Program

Daniel is currently a patient at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences’ Weight Loss and Metabolic Control program.  Complete and current information about the program can be found at

It’s a nutrition-based program with weekly weigh-ins and meetings led by registered dietitians.  Starting out, patients eat “meal replacements,” which are powdered nutrition products that can be consumed as a shake or baked, toasted, or otherwise cooked into an amazing variety of foods.  In the 6th week, fruits and non-starchy vegetables are introduced.  After the 12th week, additional meal replacement options become available.

At its heart, the program is not as much about the supplements as it is about learning to identify and control the behaviors that lead to weight problems and learning how to eat right through good nutrition choices.  Once patients approach their goal weight, a transition to conventional foods commences.  The goal is for the patient to know how to choose and prepare healthy meals to maintain their new, healthy weight.

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